Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Well, our summer adventure has officially ended. It was a bittersweet ending; we were all tired and ready for a break from camp, but we had a lot of fun. We enjoyed getting to see the way a bunch of different places run Bible camps, and we have a number of ideas for games and activities that will definitely be useful in the future. We've had the chance to serve in a variety of ways and also to be learners at each camp. We are thankful to every camp we went to for taking us in for a week or so. We hugely appreciate it. Thank you also to all of you, for support both through prayer and finances. It was comforting knowing that there were people praying for us throughout the summer.
So now we all jump into life at PRBI; Kendra as staff, and the rest of us as students. One adventure has ended, but the next has just begun.
blessings on you all,
Kimmie on behalf of Kendra, Heather and Andrew

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Our last time in the van, sniff. We gave Jarvis a good cleaning, took him out for one last trip to the gas station, and parked him for good. It was a sad moment, knowing team was over.

Our team went out for an end of summer meal together, and happened to run into Hanna when we got back.

The drive home from our last camp of the summer. There was relief knowing rest was coming, but it was sad. Our team got really tight this summer.

I don't know if Andrew was happy or sad that we were done. :)

David Thompson was our last camp. We got to help with Senior teen week, and it was a blast!

Twin meal. Heather and I (Kimmie) thought we may as well go big or go home. The most common comment that we got was that we looked really creepy. Oops

Andrew and his sister, Ashley

Heather chillin' out and playing basketball with some of the campers.

Utensil meal


Group games

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Hi Blog Friends,

So here we are sitting at the beginning of our final week of camp this summer. Wow, I can't believe it! At this time next week, we will be anticipating the start of Leadership Training Week here at good ol' PRBI. The team was talking about how we will miss travelling together in the van. In some ways it feels like we have become a tight little family (poor Andrew now has three extra sisters). All summer long, it has been our great encouragement to know that we have extended family in you all. Thank you for your prayers, your financial support, for feeding us on the weekends, for asking us how we are doing, for letters, for calls, for cookies...

As for an update about our camps, well, last week we were at Sturgeon Lake Bible Camp and the week before that we were at Bear Lake Bible Camp. Bear Lake was a huge encouragement to us because in some ways it felt like coming home. We have loved all our camps this summer but it is always nice to go to a familiar location. While the staff encouraged us, it broke our hearts as we saw the lostness of the kids. It is such an exercise in trust to invest everything that God gives you in a week of camp, when there doesn't seem to be much fruit. How does one convey the gospel to those who seem so blind to truth? All we can do is trust that God is good and that He is in control.

Sturgeon Lake, too, felt like a place where it was easy to belong. I, personally, was encouraged about the intentionality at SLBC of using every moment and opportunity to testify to Christ. It was a Sturgeon Lake that I was really challenged to reinvest today all that God gives today. Sometimes it seemed like I wouldn't be able to last until bedtime, but somehow always I was able to finish telling the bedtime story. Another thing I learned was to just stop and listen. In different situations I found myself becoming easily thrown off by things that didn't matter. One day during singing in chapel, I stopped listening so self-centredly to my own voice, and listened to the 8 year old beside me who was enthusiastically and joyfully belting out Revelation Song. She told me later that this was her favourite song. It was the favourite of most of the camp. Another day, a girl needed a towel and all of the extra towels were used, I was about to walk back to the cabin and tell her I couldn't find one when I stopped. The verses about giving our brother our extra coat and the other verse about the widow putting in all the money she had came to mind. I had a towel and I didn't need it; why not offer her my own towel? God gives us energy today. Who knows if we will need it tomorrow? What are we holding back for? What do I need that God will refuse to supply me with? Am I only actually afraid of seeing how much I need Him?

Now to learn how to balance this with Sabbaths. Ah, the balance of the Christian life. How do I live focused on the prize?

Well, tomorrow at around noon we pull out for our final camp: teen camp at David Thompson Bible Camp. We would love your prayers as we are low on energy, the remains of a cold are kicking around and I seem to have a problem with my ribs that inhibits laughing and running. We would also appreciate your prayers as we need to recharge physically, mentally, emotionally and most importantly spiritually, before school.

For the rest of the crew (Heather, Andrew and Kimmie),

Kendra :)

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Hey everyone! Sorry it's taken so long to upload pics to our blog. Unfortunately, we haven't taken many pictures, but here are some. The top ones are the most recent. At Evergreen, we had a space theme dinner, as you can see (hopefully). We had a ton of fun dressing up for it!

At Ross Haven these two girls wanted to come with us, which Heather loved.

Here's Andrew, all decked out for a wide game.

At Ross Haven, Kendra and Kimmie were sick, so they spent most of their time sleeping and praying. These pics are of them watching the wide games through their window.

We don't have pics of Shiloh or Luseland, but that doesn't mean they weren't as good. There are many memories we will carry with us of both those camps!

These pics were taken after our formal banquet.

Cabin dress up night (where each cabin dresses up in a certain theme).

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Headed to Camp Evrgreen

Hey Blog Buddies,

After weeks without communication, we would like to let you know that we are alive. We are currently taking a breather in the Tim Hortons in Rocky Mountain House. Turns out Rocky Mountain House does not have a Walmart by the way. But that's okay they have a Shopper's Drug Mart and we were able to stock up on cold medication.

Since we last checked in, we have been to Shiloh Youth Ranch and Ross Haven Bible Camp. Both were challenging and have put more youth on our hearts to pray for. Kimmie and I (Kendra) were able to experience a different side of camp when we were put in quarantine at Ross Haven. We were down with a bad cold and the Ross Haven people decided to not put the rest of the staff at rick of getting sick. So they managed without us as we slept and prayed and slept and prayed. Heather felt completely at home as Ross Haven had a beautiful boat and lake. Andrew loved the opportunity to lead the campers in a bannock roast. We appreciated the people, the good Bible teaching and the fresh fruit. Friday night after the kids left we enjoyed spending time with the staff out on the lake. We have decided that they all should come to PRBI (but apparently some of them have other plans or aren't old enough or something), we'll see...

Anyways, we're off to Evergreen. Catch you later, we would love to hear how your lives are going. Keep praying.

Signing off,
Kendra for Kimmie, Heather and Andrew

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Leavin' Luseland

So this post finds us just a couple hours after finishing our week of camp at Luseland Bible Camp. The campers are all gone and so are most of the staff. This means that the mosquitos have no one else to eat but we have shut the door and are hiding in the staff room. The laundry must be done so once in a while we risk it anyway and venture across the yard.

It has been an awesome week here at LBC and we are so glad to have had the opprotunity to be apart of God's service here. These kids came from all walks of life and backgrounds. It was neat to see how the staff cared about the personal needs of each camper. It was also encouraging to see how the staff desired to build each other up in their faith. What really impressed me with Luseland is how every part of the day gives glory to God or is an opprotunity for the kids to learn of God. If you ever want to be a part of a great camp experience, check out We thank the Lord for the staff here. Please keep them in your prayers as they seek to serve God here.

Tomorrow we are headed to Shiloh Youth Ranch but today we are planning on relaxing and getting a good night's sleep. We also need to map out our route back across the border so that we can hit a Walmart and a Tim Hortons. Well, I should go and pack up our PRBI booth. Kimmie and Heather are currently out warring with the mosquitos as they load the washer for another round. Andrew, having completed his chores, is taking time out with his music and a slushie. The team sends you all our greetings. We can't wait to see you all and tell you all about our trip in person. More pictures should be coming up soon.

In Christ,
Kendra for Kimmie, Heather and Andrew

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Hi Blog Friends,

I am writing this amidst fighting off rampaging mosquitos and trying to remain cool(ish) in 30+ degree humid weather. In the winter I may occassionally wish for such heat, but now I know to be careful what you wish for. We are at Luseland Bible Camp this week. We arrived last night and camp started today. We are enjoying it a lot and feel blessed to be here as we are feeling so welcome despite being newbies. Its hard to believe but this is already our 6th camp. I sometimes think about the camps we have already been to and wonder how they are doing. I wonder if Josh and Bodie from Blue Bronna are still syling the sunglasses we gave them, if May from Circle Square Ranch is excited or sad to be returning to Germany soon, if the Bear Lake Bible Camp Staff have had anymore paintball wars without us, if the David Thompson Bible camp staff are surviving the mosquitos and if the Riverside Bible Camp staff have caught up on their sleep yet. It is crazy to think about how many people we have met already this summer.

Especially I wonder how the campers are doing. Some of them are searching for Christ and some of them do not yet understand what is available to them or that they need Him. I think that may be one of the most difficult parts of camp is leaving the people that we meet completely in God's hands. We often do not see the results of our labour and many times we are called to release hurting people back to hurtful situations. I am learning to leave people in God's hands and trust that whatever happens, God will be glorified. He will not give His glory away to another.

Please keep praying for our team. Also if you would like to support us financially please contact Peace River Bible Institute. Check its website at for information on how to contact the School. We would appreciate your participation in this ministry. It is not our ministry, it is God's alone.

Next Monday, we are headed to Shiloh Youth Ranch where we will get to see fellow student, Beth Herbert!

Well, I must go, I am falling asleep on my break time.

Sweating it out in Saskatchewan,
Kendra for Kimmie, Andrew and Heather.